Many marketing meetings continue to revolve around the topic of influencers and finding the best ones for the company. The issue that is faced with influencers is simple. How effective are they and what is the ROI from them?

Every product and service needs to have a champion that lives the product and service in a successful manner that will then influence others to also join in. This can be done by spending millions of marketing dollars in paying celebrities to utilize your companies goods in exchange for their reach on their social media and other marketing vehicles. There is also the street team approach that tackles the local community with gorilla marketing. But what about regular online users as influencers who might not be celebrities?

Think of all of the Instagram accounts you’ve seen that have hundreds of thousands of followers and the individual isn’t even a celebrity. It could be a very attractive person that is a fitness model or some up and coming surfer or photographer. These are the influencers that are key for brands to connect with. Why? Well look at it this way. These people are still low enough in the radar from the news world that they can live relatively normal lives and their actions won’t impact your brand unlike a Tiger Woods or Aaron Hernandez. They have devoted followers that double tap all of the photos religiously. So what’s the cost?

Just a few thousand dollars as a max. This is much more affordable than the few million dollars that celebrities and professional athletes make by some of the biggest brands in the world. Think of it this way as well. Is it better for your brand to be exposed and promoted by a person that is not well known but has a strong, devoted following or by someone that is known across the world but the world has mixed feelings towards them? Not all that shines is gold.

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