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David has brought many of the most prestigious hospitality properties in the world to visibility through his digital marketing strategies and tactics. He holds Bachelors in International Business & Trade and Hospitality Management from Florida Atlantic University. He loves traveling and learning from various cultures around the world.


Web Development

Sheeba holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University.  She has good hands-on experience in web based development, quality assurance, maintenance and support.  And a loving mother of an awesome girl.


Brand Optimization

Stephanie attended Monclair State University where she holds a Bachelors in Business from. She is extremely innovative and creative. She has vast experience and passion for brand development. She loves ice cream, puppies, music and amusement parks too.


Graphic Design/Animation

Rhea attended college at the Digital Media Arts college in Boca Raton FL. She enjoys absolutely everything that has to do with art and creativity. Some of her favorite activities consist of traditional drawing, digital painting, photo editing, CGI modeling, computer animation and watching 1980’s horror films.



Jessica has 33 years of experience in IT Management and Risk Management globally. She is ITIL certified. She is an avid cyclist and is a fan of all outdoor activities.


Database Marketing

Marcelo is a Software Engineer with over 26 years of experience in software development and database management. He holds a Masters in Engineering from Pontifica Universidad Catolica. He is a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies.



Sal has an unmatched talent for capturing the perfect photographer regardless of topic. He holds a degree in Graphic Design from Palm Beach State College. Out of all his hobbies, he’s loves racing his car at the local tracks.